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4 Ways Text Messaging Can Improve Your Patron Communications


A recent Pew study revealed that 80 percent of American cell phone owners use text messaging as a means of communication, sending or receiving an average of 41.5 text messages per day. For the 18-24 age group, 97 percent of cell phone owners text, sending or receiving an average of 109.5 texts per day.

One look at these numbers and you know instantly how to reach a majority of your current library patrons and an even greater majority of tomorrow’s library patrons: via text.

Text messaging is a fast and efficient means of communicating with your library patrons and there are many ways in which you can use text messaging to improve your patron communications. Here are just a few types of messages you can communicate to your patrons via text:

1. Circulation Notices Such as Holds and Overdues.

Emails today convey much less of a sense of urgency than they did a few years ago, especially to younger library patrons. To catch your users’ attention with important circulation notices, try sending them via text instead of email. This way, they can act on the notices immediately.

2. Promotional Polls and Contests

A great way to keep your patrons engaged is to link promotions to programming and other library events. Your library can have contests where you send out polls or questions via text for prizes such as first row seats to an upcoming speaker (ie. “The first three patrons to text us the author of Tender Is the Night win front row seats to our October Author Speaker Series Event”). You can also hold a text vote to choose between two programming possibilities for an upcoming date.

3. URLs to Newsletters or Other Library Publications

Does your library publish a monthly newsletter? A terrific way to get the newsletter into the hands of your patrons so they may have immediate access is to send them a short text with the URL right when it is published. Your patrons can be reading the newsletter that your staff worked so hard on literally within seconds of publication.

4. Programming Reminders

In today’s fast-paced and information-packed world, we need to be reminded of things. A great way to promote your library programs is to send your patrons text reminders of upcoming events, along with URLs linking to further information if available. This way, they can check their schedules on the go and even add the events directly from your text to their calendars.

Try these text messaging tips to improve communications at your library. We think your patrons will appreciate it.

10 Great Library Marketing Videos


Librarians are known for their creativity and love of technology. And with today’s easy-to-use video-making apps and programs, librarians are using these twin passions to create some terrific marketing videos for their libraries. Below are 10 great library videos, everything from parody to patron endorsements to ghouls in the stacks.

1. The Research Games — Part One: You Learn or Die

This parody of the Hunger Games from Texas A & M Libraries draws you in immediately with its high production value and professional narrator. Throughout the story different aspects of the library are marketed, such as the reference librarians, the text-a-librarian service, the library’s holdings and the cafe.

2. Library Palooza: Innovative Library Marketing

This video details SUNY Albany’s Library Palooza, a welcome event held the day before classes in the fall semester. Librarians market the library using giveaways from their vendors, by partnering with other departments across the campus, and by creating a fun environment that includes photos with the school mascot.

3. Research Rescue | Episode 1 “Stuck”

This entertaining first episode of a multi-part series from the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University has plot, drama, and, best of all, librarians as actors.

4. Effective Library Marketing: Think Out of the Box

These video details Southeastern Louisiana State Library’s “Learn to Love Books All Over Again” day, a Valentine’s Day-themed event to celebrate reading and eBooks. What is the key to a successful library marketing event? “You have to serve food!”

5. Marketing Your Library Preview

The importance of directing your message to specific audiences to better meet your goals is emphasized in this library marketing video, which advises to “create specific messages, deliver them, and then measure your success.”

6. Brand Launch by Richland County Libraray

A great video that accentuates the service orientation of the library staff with endorsements from library patrons. A satisfied customer is often the best marketing tool for your library products and services.

7. White Plains Public Library: Transforming Lives, Every Day

This simple but very well-done video has the patrons, through their personal stories of how they use the library and why the library is important to them, market the libraries services and holdings — from databases to computers, reference help, tools for managing stock portfolios, computer classes, job search resources, and English language classes, there is a patron and a personal story for practically every service the library offers.

8. University of Maryland Gangnam Style Parody

This terrific parody of the song takes place in the university’s library. While none of the library’s services are mentioned, a video like this makes the library cool and just makes people want to go there. With over 190,000 YouTube views and counting, this is a marketing effort that will reap results for years to come.

9. “My Library” — ARY Campaign

This short but very effective ad for the Cedar Rapids Public Library is incredibly creative and well done, with kids voices at the end each claiming the library to be “theirs.”

10. Libraries Will Survive

Central Rappahannock Public Library staff and patrons singing and dancing to their own version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive.” It goes something like this: “Come on now walk, in our door, find inspiration and knowledge — how-to-books to ancient lore…”

Bonus! The Haunted Library

From a branch of the New York Public Library comes this spooky marketing video with a terrific surprise ending.

With today’s video-making apps and your creativity, there is no limit to the number of ways you can market your library’s services with videos. We hope you find some inspiration from the above videos to take your library marketing campaign to the next level.

5 Reasons You Should Have Ask-a-Librarian on Every Page of Your Website

To get the most value out of your library’s services and provide patrons with the highest level of service, it is important to make it as easy as possible for your patrons to connect with those services

The best way to connect patrons with your Ask-a-Librarian service is to have Ask-a-Librarian tabs, links or buttons on every page of your library’s website. Here are five ways that implementing such a strategy with your online reference will benefit your users:

1. All successful advertisers know that the key to getting a message across is through repetition and consistent branding. When your patrons interact with a consistent layout from page to page and see Ask-a-Librarian on every page, you have created the best possible ongoing marketing campaign for your service, with an important added bonus: It’s free.

2. While we can predict some user behavior, we never really know when and where on a website patrons are going to need assistance. A patron may be on a page where the information seems to be straight-forward to librarians, but to an uninitiated patron the information may leave questions. Likewise, a patron may be on one page but thinking ahead to another problem or the next step in his or her research process. Having Ask-a-Librarian immediately available from wherever the patron may be on the library’s website ensures that he or she will be able to connect to help when needed.

3. If a patron is interacting with the library’s website, encounters a problem, and then has to recall where to go to find the Ask-a-Librarian service, the library has not succeeded in making the most of the service’s primary benefit to users – the ability to connect them instantly with a library professional who can solve their problem.

4. Consistent placement of the Ask-a-Librarian tab on your library’s webpages makes marketing the service via social media or flyers much easier. When the Ask-a-Librarian tab is on every page of your library website, there is no need to place an easily forgotten URL (or URLs) on your marketing materials – simply state that the Ask-a-Librarian service is available from every page on the library website and where it is located (“look for our Ask-a-Librarian tab in the upper left-hand corner of any page on the library site”).

5. Each Ask-a-Librarian query that comes from a specific page can help you improve the overall content and design of that page. When you have an Ask-a-Librarian chat box on every page, and you are tracking which pages queries come in from, this gives you the great benefit of an ongoing focus group indirectly telling you what works and what doesn’t work on every page of your library’s site.

Responding quickly to queries will help you provide the top-notch customer service that will keep your library patrons satisfied and returning for more business. To make sure your patrons submit those queries whenever they need help on your library’s site, you should have ask-a-librarian tabs on every page.


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42 Library-Related Memes [PHOTOS]

Here memes, there memes, everywhere meme-memes! Who doesn’t love them? We’ve compiled a list of 42 library related memes for your LOLing pleasure with identification of each (where possible) as to which is which. Enjoy!

1. Bad Luck Brian

Doesn’t take out any books, library alarm still goes off.


2. Philosoraptor

How do I cite sources for my research paper? Use the library writing and citations resources.


3. Y U NO

Patron calling library, Y U no use library website.


4. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply return from the library without a book.


5. Condescending Wonka

A George W. Bush library? Do tell me more!


6. Matrix (What if I Told You)

What if I told you that wearing high heels in the library is a bad idea.


7. World’s Most Interesting Cat

I don’t always chew up your books. But when I do, they’re from the library.


8. Thousand Yard Stare

Caught eating in the library, thousand yard stare.


9. LOL Cats

I’m in your library, check me out!


10. Grumpy Cat

Your library wants a cat? Pick me.


11. Hey Girl…

Good thing I brought my library card because I’m checking you out.


12. Foul Bachelor Frog

In the library to work on chinese imperialism assignment, look up memes instead.



13. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply cite 50 references in 10 mins.


14. Socially Awkward Penguin

Goes to the reference desk, pretends to use the stapler instead of getting research help.


15. Hey Girl…

I know finding sources for your papers can be tough. That’s why I asked the library to provide personalized research assistance.  Just for you.


16. World’s Most Interesting Man

I don’t always use the library but when I do I get great results.


17.  Keep Calm and…

Keep calm and ask a librarian.


18. Skateboarding Professor

First to the library then to class at 8:02.


19. Good Guy Greg

You have fines over 10 pounds, lets you borrow his library card.


20. Ermahgerd

Havin fern ain’t herd wern u hav a lerbery curd.


21. Monorail Kitteh

Now stops @ library.


22. Scumbag Steve

Takes library elevator, gets off at second floor.


23. Nyan Cat

Library card


24. Unknown

Was file sharing before it was cool.


25. Philosoraptor

I can book a room in a room of  books?


26. Futurama Fry (Not Sure If…)

Not surf if “it’s in the library”, works as justification of source.


27. Lazy College Student

I go to the library to read all the new facebook statuses.


28. South Park (You’re gonna have a bad time)

If you talk in the library, you’re gonna have a bad time.


29. First World Problems

Need to pee when in library, don’t want to lose my computer.


30. Unknown

Studying in the library during exam week …Rookie mistake.


31. Conspiracy Keanu

Talked in library line, Q tip are my soul.


32. Some E Cards

You gotta fight. For your right. To library.


33. Success Kid

Walking around library during finals week, found a study room.


34. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Prepare yourselves, due dates are coming.


35. Annoying Facebook Girl

Goes to the library, opens chat.


36. Paranoid Parrot

Plug headphones in at library. Everyone can still hear my music.


37. Insanity Wolf

No eating or drinking allowed in the library? Eat and drink in the library.


38. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Brace yourselves, the tax questions are coming.


39. Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich

You don’t understand the filling system. Sorry, I wasn’t aware the alphabet could be confusing.


40. Upvoting Obama

Book not in library? Library will buy for you.


41. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

A librarian does not simply shut kids up with shhh.


42. Success Kid

Went to library, found book I wanted.


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Updated Marketing Materials for Mosio for Libraries Clients

We’ve updated some of the patron marketing materials for Mosio clients using Text a Librarian to accommodate virtual numbers.


Text a Librarian Posters:



Text a Librarian Table Tents:




marketing_phone_purple marketing_phone_blue marketing_phone_green marketing_phone_orange marketing_phone_pink marketing_phone_red marketing_phone_yellow

Marketing Lessons from NYPL – 3 Great Executions that Built a Buzz

Bain News Service, publisher.</p>
<p>N.Y. Public Library on opening day</p>
<p>[between 1910 and 1915]</p>
<p>1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.</p>
<p><b>Notes:<br />
</b> Title from unverified data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or cap...

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” ~ Peter F. Drucker

The unparalleled way to promote your service or product would be to intrinsically build within that product or service the finest features the customer would want that type of product to embody. This accurately defines the formation and continued success of the New York Public Library (NYPL).

Originally executing its architectural grandness, continuing with the library’s holdings while staying current with technology, NYPL continues to grow with the times while remaining a historic landmark.

There was considerable wisdom exercised in the amalgamation of great architecture with a great library, the one can’t help but complement the other. This is one of the original defining executions of the New York Public Library. The Beaux-Arts masterpiece, constructed with white Dorset marble, featuring a wide staircase guiding library patrons to three grand arches next to Corinthian columns supporting relief sculptures representing philosophy, romance, religion, poetry, drama and history. Edward Clark Potter’s famous sculpted stone lions Patience (Lady Astor) and Fortitude (Lord Lenox) guard the library’s south and north side, respectively.

The collection housed within the New York Public Library is itself another inherent marketing attraction. Some of NYPL’s permanent in-house residents include the Gutenberg Bible, an original manuscript copy of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, Charles Dickens’ favorite letter opener, a 1493 copy of Columbus letter announcing discovery of the New World, Jack Kerouac’s crutches, Truman Capote’s cigarette case, approximately 40,000 restaurant menus from the 1850′s to current and for the children or children at heart, the original Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals along with the thousands of books and items including musical scores, historic maps, art, recordings and manuscripts.

NYPL is hardly resting on its historical laurels alone in continuing to market their distinguished resource. Staying current with technology represents another mark of success with the NYPL. Patrons today can be seen throughout the library accessing Wi-Fi on their laptops. The library’s automated book delivery system sends books within minutes of request by conveyor to the Rose Main Reading Room (seats more than 600 readers) where the public can read with the help of the original Carre-and-Hastings lamps. NYPL’s marketing understands the value of social media, employing sites such as Twitter where in March 2013 they encouraged their Twitter followers at @NYPL to submit “poetic tweets” for their poetry contest. Along with Twitter, the library is staying current in marketing by using other sites including Facebook, Google, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Continuing to embrace its past while staying mindful of the future, NYPL accommodates to changes that are necessary to continue forward. With its structural integrity, magnificent collections and current technologies, NYPL has continued to prove itself a marketing success.

Diane Perrine is a freelance writer and an academic librarian at the College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida. She resides in Ocala Florida.
Her hobbies include gardening, hiking, bicycling, volunteering and learning something new everyday.

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Four Ways to Promote Your Ask-a-Librarian Service


Your Ask-a-Librarian service is a powerful research tool for your patrons, most of whom have come to expect quick and easy access to information and answers. Here are four promotional ideas to get the word out and help your patrons take advantage of this service.

1.  Instructional Sessions and Classes

One of the best ways to promote your Ask-a-Librarian service is to tell your patrons about it directly in informational literacy classes (for academic libraries) or computer and other instructional classes and workshops (for public libraries). A live demo in a class or group setting will really grab your patrons’ attention so they remember to use the service the next time they need information remotely.

2. Posters with QR Codes

Another great way to promote your Ask-a-Librarian service is by placing posters around your library building (and campus community, for academic libraries) advertising the service. Be sure to include a QR code to take patrons directly to your Ask-a-Librarian information page, where they can learn more about and use the service.

3. Social Media

Does your library have a blog, or a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account? A great way to inform your patrons of an online service such as Ask-a-Librarian is to reach them when they are already online. If they are reading about your Ask-a-Librarian service from any of your social media accounts, then they are either on a computer or a smart phone, and they can go straight to the service and utilize it immediately.

4. Signs on Computer Monitors

Finally, placing small and unobtrusive announcement “bubbles” in the upper right-hand corner of your library’s computer monitors will certainly catch your patrons attention without being a distraction. One of the best methods to create these announcements is to use dialogue bubbles from MS Word. Type in your message, laminate the announcements, cut them out following the dialogue bubble outlines, and then attach one to the upper-right corner of each of your monitors using Velcro or another adhesive method.

These are just four ideas to get you started with your Ask-a-Librarian promotions, but you can come up with many more. The key is to be creative and have fun! When you connect your users with your library’s services, everybody benefits.

Michael English is an academic librarian and freelance writer/editor.

Library News: Technology in libraries improves access to the legal system, Library joins digital age of books, Electronic lending and public libraries

Central Branch of the Berkeley Public Library. Photo: Kaia Diringer

Libraries teach students to be technology smart

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Library News: Libraries See Opening as Bookstores Close, Kalamazoo Little Free Libraries, No Bedbug Risk From Books

Libraries See Opening as Bookstores Close

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QR Code Poster – Library of E-Books [IMAGE]

We thought this was pretty creative and there are varying comment types on the page itself (click on the image to visit the site), but our favorite:

“My phone can’t even scan those…I need real libraries.”

WE COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Still, this is a great street marketing idea, so we wanted to share it. Maybe a good way to promote new services at your library. :)