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Mosio Partners with Tshwane University of Technology for its First Library Solution in South Africa

Mosio Partners with Tshwane University of Technology for its First Library Solution in South Africa

Leading virtual reference software for libraries, enabling two-way communications between staff and students via live chat, email, text messaging and Facebook, now available in South Africa

Aug. 14, 2013PRETORIA, South AfricaMosio for Libraries, an all-in-one, multi-channel virtual reference software for libraries, announces its first solution implementation in South Africa. The company’s partnership with Tshwane University of Technology will enable library staff to interact with patrons and answer questions via live chat, email, text messaging and Facebook.

“We are extremely excited to add Tshwane University of Technology’s Libraries to our client roster and have already established a great, collaborative relationship with their team,” said Noel Chandler, CEO and Co-Founder of Mosio. “As one of Africa’s leading universities of technology, we look forward to continuing our work to help them provide excellent information resources to students online or on-the-go.”

The Mosio for Libraries solution will launch in August, 2013, and will be rolled out to nine campuses, supporting approximately 56,000 students. The software features a secure, easy to use, web-based dashboard that can be utilized for two-way interactions with library patrons. Popular communication and efficiency tools include answer templates, customizable auto-responders and collaboration features. “The LIS is introducing major and exciting student service enhancements, including Mosio”, said Vivian Agyei, the Director for Library and Information Services.

“We are thrilled to become Mosio for Libraries’ first partner in South Africa,” said Nokuphiwa Kunene, Systems Librarian at Tshwane University of Technology. “Our priority is to implement a strong technology solution that allows us to better serve and interact with students, while also enabling us to maximize the use of resources by efficiently managing communications.
Mosio for Libraries is available in 21 countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK, Spain, Australia and South Africa. The software is cloud-based, so it is always up to date and does not require any hardware or software installation. The dashboard can be accessed on any web-enabled computer or device, regardless of physical location.

Mosio for Libraries integrates easily across websites, blogs and online databases through support tabs and widgets, and plugins and apps are available for Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and Facebook.

About Mosio for Libraries
Mosio for Libraries is an all-in-one, multi-channel support software that enables libraries to receive and respond to patron questions via live chat, email, text messaging and Facebook. Visit to learn more, sign up for a free trial and be greeted at the front door with a 90-second video detailing Mosio’s technology solution to a problem faced by libraries all over the world.

About TUT
In its logo, the Tshwane University of Technology claims that “we empower people” thus committing itself to the concepts of Diversity, Ethics, Relevance, Entrepreneurship, Care, Partnerships, Professionalism and lastly, Quality. TUT awards qualifications from national diploma level through to bachelor of technology degrees. Students may also continue with postgraduate studies towards master’s degrees and doctorates.

Why choose a University of Technology?
One of the strong features of obtaining a qualification at a university of technology, is the specialization in a chosen field. Furthermore entrepreneurship carries a lot of weight in the students’ education, since they are taught new ways of thinking and approaching their careers to become job creators rather than job seekers in the market,

It is a fact that South Africa is still in dire need of people suitably qualified in science, engineering and technology, the so-called SET courses. TUT offers numerous courses in these fields. But apart from academic qualifications, the university also offers programmes to equip students with specific skills to prepare them for the world of work. Some of these programmes especially those aimed at improving communication, writing, reading and interpersonal skills, form part of their academic programme.

TUT is divided into seven faculties:
- Faculty of Economics and Finance
- Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
- Faculty of Humanities
- Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
- Faculty of Management Sciences
- Faculty of Science
- Faculty of the Arts

At TUT the emphasis is on:
- Cutting edge technology
- Innovation through to commercialization
- Problem-solving skills
- Research and Innovation
- Partnerships and networks
- Technological incubators, technology stations, centres and institutes
- Community engagement

For more information visit

Free Trials of Mosio for Libraries


Hello! We now offer free trials of Mosio for Libraries so you can try out the system and experience how powerful virtual reference software can be.

  • Receive and respond to patron questions via Live Chat, Text Messaging, Email and Facebook, all through a single, web-based interface.
  • We guarantee you’ll be more efficient in your patron communications.
  • Add an Ask a Librarian button to your Facebook Page with a few clicks.
  • Answer questions from widgets on your website, blogs or electronic resources.
  • Patrons can text questions from their mobile phones or chat from smartphones or tablets.

There’s no obligation and no credit card required. Sign up for your Mosio for Libraries free trial here.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

The Mosio for Libraries Team

Mosio for Libraries
Patron Support Simplified

Virtual reference from your Facebook page via the Facebook mobile and iPad apps with Mosio for Libraries

How to set up your library’s Facebook Page to launch your Mosio for Libraries widget inside of Facebook Mobile and iPad Apps.

^Yes, it’s a mouthful, but bear with us, this is pretty cool.

Mosio recently launched a Facebook App enabling you to add your chat/email/text messaging widget to your Facebook Pages. The app is getting a lot of excitement from our customers and naturally we got a request from a library asking us about making it work in Facebook mobile (the app or mobile web). Creating a Facebook App doesn’t automatically mean it will be an app in Facebook Mobile. Well we found a way to make it work and we’re going to show you how, right now. In fact, to do this you’re not even using the Mosio Facebook App, you’ll see the how/why in a second.

What you’ll need:
1) Mosio for Libraries
2) Bitly or another url shortening service
3) A Facebook Page

Step 1: Launch your Mosio widget from the tab or button on your website’s page and copy the url inside the widget.


Step 2: Paste the url into the Paste a Link Here field (look for the puffer fish if you’re using Bitly)
After you do this, you can create a custom url name after “askaquestion” was taken, so we used hyphens for the same effect.


Step 3: Find a place (or places) in your Facebook Page to paste the link
We pasted ours in the Description/About sections, but you can also upload a photo and paste the url in the description of a photo. The screen shots below show it on iPhone, iPad and also the photo we uploaded of an Ask a Question button.

mosio_facebook_mobile2 mosio_facebook_ipad1 mosio_facebook_askaq_button_facebookapp


Step 4: That’s it! When someone clicks on the link it will open inside the Facebook Mobile or iPad App.
If a patron is accessing your library’s Facebook Page from the web via a smartphone or tablet it will open up in a new browser window.

mosio_facebook_mobile3 mosio_facebook_ipad2

If you’re a Mosio customer and you need any assistance, you can use our support widgets to get you the help you need. If you’re a library looking to support patrons from all channels (Online Chat, Text Messaging, Email and Facebook) through a simple, web-based dashboard, please consider Mosio for Libraries. We have plans for all sized libraries.

Have a wonderful day!

The Mosio Team

Mosio for Libraries
Patron Support Simplified

[NEWS] Leading Virtual Reference and Patron Support Software, Mosio’s Text a Librarian is Now Mosio for Libraries

Leading Virtual Reference and Patron Support Software, Mosio’s Text a Librarian is Now Mosio for Libraries

Mosio’s multi-channel support software enables librarians to respond efficiently to web chats, text messages and emails through a single, web-based dashboard.

Mosio, an award-winning mobile software company providing web-based messaging solutions for businesses and organizations, has changed the name of its Text a Librarian service to Mosio for Libraries. The change highlights Mosio’s newly expanded platform which enables librarians to seamlessly and effortlessly connect with their patrons across multiple channels from a single dashboard.

Mosio’s all-in-one support solution expands the customer service digital footprint of libraries to mobile phones, tablets and PCs, enabling them to respond to patron queries across multiple channels from websites, blogs and electronic resources from a single location. This increased accessibility is essential to meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile patrons who expect to be able to ask their questions from their device of choice, in the format that they prefer, and at their point of need.

“Servicing patrons across multiple channels is necessary to stay relevant and keep up with customer service expectations, but it is extremely inefficient when having to rely on multiple pieces of software to accomplish the task,” said Jay Sachdev, Mosio Co-Founder and CTO. “Mosio for Libraries solves this problem by letting patrons ask questions from wherever they are and making it easy for librarians to respond to all channels from the same place,” Sachdev added.

Mosio’s collaborative-friendly dashboard is built for communication efficiency, a critical component when responding to patrons across multiple channels. The ease of use for both patrons and librarians ensures that Mosio for Libraries will meet and exceed today’s high expectations of customer service and support online or on-the-go.

Implementation of Mosio for Libraries is simple, with copy and paste support tabs/widget code for library websites, blogs and popular library online resources. Plugins and apps are available for Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and Facebook. More information and demo videos can be seen at

About Mosio
Currently available in 16 countries including the U.S., Canada, UK, Spain and Australia, Mosio’s simple support software provides multi-channel customer service solutions to organizations in healthcare, clinical research, education, hospitality, health services, helplines, marketing and events.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Mosio’s technologies have served the American Library Association, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, Harvard, Enterprise Holdings, American Hospital Association, Walt Disney, State Farm Insurance, Marriott, Kaiser Permanente and the United States Department of Health and Services.
More info:

Buttons to Launch Your Mosio for Libraries Support Widget

Want to add a button to your website that launches your widget?

Most libraries are able to add our widget code to their footer files or use our plugins for Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress, but others are using shared websites with their schools, cities, etc. While we offer an embeddable widget, if you do not have the freedom to add the support tab to every page of your website, we suggest using one of our buttons and placing it everywhere you can.

Here are instructions, a link to give you the code you need and some buttons you can use.


After you login, click on this link and it will give you code for adding an Ask a Librarian link to your site or launch from a button.

To update the button, simply change this image url in the code:
to a url of the button you want to use. Here are some buttons you can use of ours. To find the url for the image, Right-Click the image and pick “View Image” – You’ll see the url for the image in the web browser.

So login now, click this link and start adding your buttons!





























btn-125px-red-11-a btn-125px-red-10-a btn-125px-red-7-a btn-125px-red-6-a btn-125px-red-5-a btn-125px-red-4-a btn-125px-red-3-a btn-125px-red-1-a btn-125px-orange-10-a btn-125px-orange-11-a btn-125px-orange-6-a btn-125px-orange-7-a btn-125px-orange-5-a btn-125px-orange-3-a btn-125px-orange-1-a btn-125px-light-purple-10-a btn-125px-light-purple-11-a btn-125px-light-purple-6-a btn-125px-light-purple-7-a btn-125px-light-purple-5-a btn-125px-light-purple-3-a btn-125px-light-purple-1-a

btn-170px-blue-1-a btn-170px-blue-2-a btn-170px-blue-3-a btn-170px-blue-4-a btn-170px-blue-5-a btn-170px-blue-6-a btn-170px-blue-7-a btn-170px-blue-8-a btn-170px-blue-9-a btn-170px-blue-10-a btn-170px-blue-11-a btn-170px-dark-green-1-a btn-170px-dark-green-2-a btn-170px-dark-green-3-a btn-170px-dark-green-4-a btn-170px-dark-green-5-a btn-170px-dark-green-6-a btn-170px-dark-green-7-a btn-170px-dark-green-8-a btn-170px-dark-green-9-a btn-170px-dark-green-10-a btn-170px-dark-green-11-a btn-170px-dark-purple-1-h btn-170px-dark-purple-2-h btn-170px-dark-purple-3-h btn-170px-dark-purple-4-h btn-170px-dark-purple-5-h btn-170px-dark-purple-6-h btn-170px-dark-purple-7-h btn-170px-dark-purple-8-h btn-170px-dark-purple-9-h btn-170px-dark-purple-10-h btn-170px-dark-purple-11-h btn-170px-grey-1-a btn-170px-grey-2-a btn-170px-grey-3-a btn-170px-grey-4-a btn-170px-grey-5-a btn-170px-grey-6-a btn-170px-grey-7-a btn-170px-grey-8-a btn-170px-grey-9-a btn-170px-grey-10-a btn-170px-grey-11-a btn-170px-light-green-1-a btn-170px-light-green-2-a btn-170px-light-green-3-a btn-170px-light-green-4-a btn-170px-light-green-5-a btn-170px-light-green-6-a btn-170px-light-green-7-a btn-170px-light-green-8-a btn-170px-light-green-9-a btn-170px-light-green-10-a btn-170px-light-green-11-a btn-170px-light-purple-1-n btn-170px-light-purple-2-n btn-170px-light-purple-3-n btn-170px-light-purple-4-n btn-170px-light-purple-5-n btn-170px-light-purple-6-n btn-170px-light-purple-7-n btn-170px-light-purple-8-n btn-170px-light-purple-9-n btn-170px-light-purple-10-n btn-170px-light-purple-11-n btn-170px-orange-1-n btn-170px-orange-2-n btn-170px-orange-3-n btn-170px-orange-4-n btn-170px-orange-5-n btn-170px-orange-6-n btn-170px-orange-7-n btn-170px-orange-10-n btn-170px-orange-11-n btn-170px-red-1-n btn-170px-red-2-n btn-170px-red-3-n btn-170px-red-4-n btn-170px-red-5-n btn-170px-red-6-n btn-170px-red-7-n btn-170px-red-9-n btn-170px-red-10-n btn-170px-red-11-n

Mosio for Libraries Intro Video: Multi-Channel Ask a Librarian Software | Chat + Email + Text Messaging + Widgets

The Mosio for Libraries “trailer” video is live! A 1 minute, 45 second explanation of why more librarians are choosing Mosio for their virtual reference and Ask a Librarian software needs.

Mosio enables libraries to receive and respond efficiently to questions from patrons via web chat, email, text messaging and support widgets for your website, blog and electronic resources. We’ll stop typing now and you can just watch the video. :)



Moose Jaw Public Library’s Text a Librarian Service – Great Video Coverage (Canada)

This video popped up in our alerts and we thought it was so great we had to pass it along.

Great job Moose Jaw Public Library in getting up and running and EXCELLENT work getting some news coverage!



Updated Marketing Materials for Mosio for Libraries Clients

We’ve updated some of the patron marketing materials for Mosio clients using Text a Librarian to accommodate virtual numbers.


Text a Librarian Posters:



Text a Librarian Table Tents:




marketing_phone_purple marketing_phone_blue marketing_phone_green marketing_phone_orange marketing_phone_pink marketing_phone_red marketing_phone_yellow

Mosio for Libraries – Ask a Librarian Software | Condensed Webinar

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for more webinars on different days/times, so we went ahead and made a condensed webinar showcasing all of the features and functionality of Mosio for Libraries. Spend 15 minutes and see how Mosio saves librarians hours every month by combining patron communications normally splintered across channels into a single, web-based dashboard.

We have plugins and apps for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and Facebook and adding patron support to your popular online databases and electronic resources is a breeze. We’ll stop here and let the video show and tell…