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4 Ways Text Messaging Can Improve Your Patron Communications


A recent Pew study revealed that 80 percent of American cell phone owners use text messaging as a means of communication, sending or receiving an average of 41.5 text messages per day. For the 18-24 age group, 97 percent of cell phone owners text, sending or receiving an average of 109.5 texts per day.

One look at these numbers and you know instantly how to reach a majority of your current library patrons and an even greater majority of tomorrow’s library patrons: via text.

Text messaging is a fast and efficient means of communicating with your library patrons and there are many ways in which you can use text messaging to improve your patron communications. Here are just a few types of messages you can communicate to your patrons via text:

1. Circulation Notices Such as Holds and Overdues.

Emails today convey much less of a sense of urgency than they did a few years ago, especially to younger library patrons. To catch your users’ attention with important circulation notices, try sending them via text instead of email. This way, they can act on the notices immediately.

2. Promotional Polls and Contests

A great way to keep your patrons engaged is to link promotions to programming and other library events. Your library can have contests where you send out polls or questions via text for prizes such as first row seats to an upcoming speaker (ie. “The first three patrons to text us the author of Tender Is the Night win front row seats to our October Author Speaker Series Event”). You can also hold a text vote to choose between two programming possibilities for an upcoming date.

3. URLs to Newsletters or Other Library Publications

Does your library publish a monthly newsletter? A terrific way to get the newsletter into the hands of your patrons so they may have immediate access is to send them a short text with the URL right when it is published. Your patrons can be reading the newsletter that your staff worked so hard on literally within seconds of publication.

4. Programming Reminders

In today’s fast-paced and information-packed world, we need to be reminded of things. A great way to promote your library programs is to send your patrons text reminders of upcoming events, along with URLs linking to further information if available. This way, they can check their schedules on the go and even add the events directly from your text to their calendars.

Try these text messaging tips to improve communications at your library. We think your patrons will appreciate it.

Mosio’s Facebook App – Now Patrons Can Ask a Librarian from Your Library Facebook Page

Virtual Reference Questions Asked Directly from your Library’s Facebook Page

The growth and power of Facebook shows no signs of slowing down and now with Mosio for Libraries, you can enable your Facebook page to be yet another amazing virtual reference channel. There are instructions below, it takes about 5 clicks. No hacks, no difficult workarounds using FBML (Facebook Markup Language), just a few clicks and you’ve extended your virtual reference services to Facebook. Here’s how you do it…

Step 1: Visit and you’ll see a window that looks like this:


Step 2: Enter in your Keyword, an email address of one of your admins, then pick the page you want to add the app into.

Step 3: Click on Last Step: Add it to your page and then choose your page in the drop down.

That’s it! You’ll see the Ask a Question button in your tabs. The default button may change, but here’s what it looks like today:

If you want to change the color or title of the button, click on the little Edit Tabs button (see image below) until all of your tabs are showing, then the pencil and choose Edit Settings.

You’ll see a little pop up that says “Edit Mosio Settings” and you can add a Custom Tab Image or Custom Tab Name. Add your custom tab or custom name and you’ll see it on your page.


Patrons who click on your tab will be taken to a page inside of Facebook where they can ask their question. All questions will post to your microboard like they do now, enabling patrons to start a live chat (if you’re logged in) or choose to be responded to via email or text message.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks and have a great day!

The Mosio Team

Mosio for Libraries
Patron Support Simplified

Buttons to Launch Your Mosio for Libraries Support Widget

Want to add a button to your website that launches your widget?

Most libraries are able to add our widget code to their footer files or use our plugins for Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress, but others are using shared websites with their schools, cities, etc. While we offer an embeddable widget, if you do not have the freedom to add the support tab to every page of your website, we suggest using one of our buttons and placing it everywhere you can.

Here are instructions, a link to give you the code you need and some buttons you can use.


After you login, click on this link and it will give you code for adding an Ask a Librarian link to your site or launch from a button.

To update the button, simply change this image url in the code:
to a url of the button you want to use. Here are some buttons you can use of ours. To find the url for the image, Right-Click the image and pick “View Image” – You’ll see the url for the image in the web browser.

So login now, click this link and start adding your buttons!





























btn-125px-red-11-a btn-125px-red-10-a btn-125px-red-7-a btn-125px-red-6-a btn-125px-red-5-a btn-125px-red-4-a btn-125px-red-3-a btn-125px-red-1-a btn-125px-orange-10-a btn-125px-orange-11-a btn-125px-orange-6-a btn-125px-orange-7-a btn-125px-orange-5-a btn-125px-orange-3-a btn-125px-orange-1-a btn-125px-light-purple-10-a btn-125px-light-purple-11-a btn-125px-light-purple-6-a btn-125px-light-purple-7-a btn-125px-light-purple-5-a btn-125px-light-purple-3-a btn-125px-light-purple-1-a

btn-170px-blue-1-a btn-170px-blue-2-a btn-170px-blue-3-a btn-170px-blue-4-a btn-170px-blue-5-a btn-170px-blue-6-a btn-170px-blue-7-a btn-170px-blue-8-a btn-170px-blue-9-a btn-170px-blue-10-a btn-170px-blue-11-a btn-170px-dark-green-1-a btn-170px-dark-green-2-a btn-170px-dark-green-3-a btn-170px-dark-green-4-a btn-170px-dark-green-5-a btn-170px-dark-green-6-a btn-170px-dark-green-7-a btn-170px-dark-green-8-a btn-170px-dark-green-9-a btn-170px-dark-green-10-a btn-170px-dark-green-11-a btn-170px-dark-purple-1-h btn-170px-dark-purple-2-h btn-170px-dark-purple-3-h btn-170px-dark-purple-4-h btn-170px-dark-purple-5-h btn-170px-dark-purple-6-h btn-170px-dark-purple-7-h btn-170px-dark-purple-8-h btn-170px-dark-purple-9-h btn-170px-dark-purple-10-h btn-170px-dark-purple-11-h btn-170px-grey-1-a btn-170px-grey-2-a btn-170px-grey-3-a btn-170px-grey-4-a btn-170px-grey-5-a btn-170px-grey-6-a btn-170px-grey-7-a btn-170px-grey-8-a btn-170px-grey-9-a btn-170px-grey-10-a btn-170px-grey-11-a btn-170px-light-green-1-a btn-170px-light-green-2-a btn-170px-light-green-3-a btn-170px-light-green-4-a btn-170px-light-green-5-a btn-170px-light-green-6-a btn-170px-light-green-7-a btn-170px-light-green-8-a btn-170px-light-green-9-a btn-170px-light-green-10-a btn-170px-light-green-11-a btn-170px-light-purple-1-n btn-170px-light-purple-2-n btn-170px-light-purple-3-n btn-170px-light-purple-4-n btn-170px-light-purple-5-n btn-170px-light-purple-6-n btn-170px-light-purple-7-n btn-170px-light-purple-8-n btn-170px-light-purple-9-n btn-170px-light-purple-10-n btn-170px-light-purple-11-n btn-170px-orange-1-n btn-170px-orange-2-n btn-170px-orange-3-n btn-170px-orange-4-n btn-170px-orange-5-n btn-170px-orange-6-n btn-170px-orange-7-n btn-170px-orange-10-n btn-170px-orange-11-n btn-170px-red-1-n btn-170px-red-2-n btn-170px-red-3-n btn-170px-red-4-n btn-170px-red-5-n btn-170px-red-6-n btn-170px-red-7-n btn-170px-red-9-n btn-170px-red-10-n btn-170px-red-11-n

Mosio for Libraries Intro Video: Multi-Channel Ask a Librarian Software | Chat + Email + Text Messaging + Widgets

The Mosio for Libraries “trailer” video is live! A 1 minute, 45 second explanation of why more librarians are choosing Mosio for their virtual reference and Ask a Librarian software needs.

Mosio enables libraries to receive and respond efficiently to questions from patrons via web chat, email, text messaging and support widgets for your website, blog and electronic resources. We’ll stop typing now and you can just watch the video. :)



Updated Marketing Materials for Mosio for Libraries Clients

We’ve updated some of the patron marketing materials for Mosio clients using Text a Librarian to accommodate virtual numbers.


Text a Librarian Posters:



Text a Librarian Table Tents:




marketing_phone_purple marketing_phone_blue marketing_phone_green marketing_phone_orange marketing_phone_pink marketing_phone_red marketing_phone_yellow

Mosio for Libraries – Ask a Librarian Software | Condensed Webinar

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for more webinars on different days/times, so we went ahead and made a condensed webinar showcasing all of the features and functionality of Mosio for Libraries. Spend 15 minutes and see how Mosio saves librarians hours every month by combining patron communications normally splintered across channels into a single, web-based dashboard.

We have plugins and apps for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and Facebook and adding patron support to your popular online databases and electronic resources is a breeze. We’ll stop here and let the video show and tell…




Adding Support Tabs: Copy/Paste Emails to Send to IT or Tech Support

The best way to get your Mosio Support Tabs where you want them?
Ask nicely, of course. Here’s how…



Every week we’re seeing new examples of libraries adding their Mosio Support Tabs to their websites, blogs and online collections with ease. Some of them are able to add the code themselves, but those who can’t code have to use other skills: good communication sprinkled with some please and thank yous. This post will give you some copy and paste text to send an email to your web master, IT manager or technical support contact at another vendor to get your tabs up on their sites.

Copy the information below the **** below and add your own little “pretty please and thank you” flair to the email when you send it for best results. The copy/paste text is broken in two sections. Subject Line and Email Body. Copy the text in between the ******

Please note:
In the places below where it says XXXXXXX, you’ll need to change XXXXXXX with your Mosio keyword for it to work.

Adding our Mosio Support Tab to our Pages (Please and Thank You)

Hello Wonderful IT/Tech Support Person!

We’d like to get our Mosio Support Tab on the pages of our site/databases so our customers/patrons can have access to us from every page. There are specific instructions below from the Mosio Support Team and if you have any questions, they said you can always email them directly with questions at

Support Widget Installation:
To get the widget up and running, please copy and paste the following code into the footer of the HTML, just above the </body> tag (or as close to it as you can get). The widget tab will automatically appear on the top right side of the site, but we can customize the appearance and placement after the code is placed.

Getting the widget/tab code on the pages of our website now will enable us to get started, and as they update features, we won’t have to change or update the code. In fact, we’ll be able to customize the widget from within our account.

Note: If in the code below, you see “XXXXXXX”, please ask me for our keyword, it is supposed to go there.

Our Support Widget Code to Paste:
<!– start Mosio Support Widget –>
<div id=”mosio-widget-container”></div>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”><\/script>
<!– end Mosio Support Widget –>

Thank you so much for your help, you are the absolute best and I should buy you cupcakes or something.


Your Friend

That’s it! You can send this to your webmaster, IT Manager or the Technical Support team for any of the online databases you subscribe to. We’ve found all we’ve been in contact with to be very helpful.

Thanks and as always, if you have any questions, please let us know.

Have a wonderful day,

The Mosio Team

Mosio for Libraries
Patron Support Software


Customize Your Support Tabs / Widgets – Mosio’s Patron Support Software for Libraries

Customization is Here – Upload Your Library’s Own Support Tab


Support Tab customization is here! You are now able to upload your own Support Tab design (or use one of the 70 we have created in our Support Tabs Gallery). This enables you to create a Support Tab that has the look and feel of your own site, along with your desired “call to action” (Contact Us, Support, Ask a Librarian, etc.)

You are also able to choose if you want your widget on the Right, Left, Top or Bottom of your page AND you can decide where it aligns.

To upload your own Support Tab:

1) Log in to your microboard.

2) In the upper right, click on Support Widget Admin (this is where you log in and out of chat).

3) Click on Customize Your Widget.


This is what you’ll see on the next page (although your tab will most likely be green)…


After you have uploaded your new support tab, it will immediately show up on your site, you do not need to replace any code on your website.

The Mosio Development Team has been working on several features and fixes over the past few months, we will be announcing more soon, but many people have been asking about being able to have control of the look and feel of the support tabs, so we pushed those live.

Some Quick FAQs:

* Will we be able to change the colors and feel of the widgets themselves?
The widget that slides out will remain white for now, but the Tab that sits on your site can be updated and changed by you as often as you like.  See “Chat Widget Pop Out” below to learn how the widget itself is changing.


* Why is that?
We have some feature updates coming up that we feel will make for a better librarian and patron user experience. By keeping the widgets a uniform way, it enables us to make it easier for you to take advantage of those features without spending any time in design or coding. After gathering some feedback from some customers, we heard that because the Support Tab is literally on every page, it was better to give everyone graphic and design control. The upcoming features (see below) will enable us to make these changes seamlessly without requiring anything new on your part except turning them on in some cases.


* Do we have to change or update the Mosio code on our web pages?
No and this has always been our goal. We feel it is better to have you place code on your site once and then as we add features and functionality, not to have to ask you to change any code on your end. This way you can manage features from your microboard without having to know any HTML or programming languages once the code is on your site.


* Can we be logged into the microboard, but logged out of Chat?
Absolutely. Look in the upper right of the microboard for Support Tab Admin – that’s where you log in and out of chat (see image above).


* What other features are coming?
- “I Got It” for Chat:
When a new chat starts, it will post to everyone who is logged in for someone to claim.

 - Chat Widget Pop Out: When a patron starts a web chat from the widget, it will pop into a new window to give them more freedom to click around your website or databases.

 - Email Response: Patrons will be able to choose Email when they decide how they want to be contacted.

 - Choose Your Channel: Patrons will be able to choose any channel to be responded to, even if librarians are online and ready to conduct a Web Chat. This means a patron who has a question, but might not have time for a web chat can type their question and be contacted later, much better than having the, leave the website with their question unasked.

* When are all of these new features going live?
All of the features listed above are being worked on currently and have been during customization. We will be posting target launch dates for each very soon.

We’ll send more updates and feature announcements soon!

Thanks and have a great day!

The Mosio Team

Log In to Text a Librarian



Support Tabs for Library Websites – Mosio offers 70 different colors and types!


We just created a gallery of 70 support tabs for our customers to use and will be including the source file so you can make your own. They come in different colors, formats and text treatments to create a tab best suited for your website, blog or content management system.

Mosio has created the best web-based help desk software for libraries. Help more patrons everywhere more efficiently, in real-time or on your time. Whether they are online or on the go, Mosio makes it simple to communicate with them.

Contact us now for a free consultation and quote.

Mosio's Text a Librarian - As seen in TIME



Library Guide: Setting up Holiday Auto Responders with Mosio for Libraries

Setting up Holiday Auto Responders

Happy Holidays!

Here’s a quick tutorial on setting up holiday auto responders using Mosio.
You’ve spent time creating great auto responders and with the holidays approaching you want to let patrons know your hours have changed, but don’t want to undo what you’ve already created. No problem! Set up holiday auto responders!


Click on Auto Responder (in the Microboard Administration module, see the above image for help). Then click on New Holiday Auto Responder and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

1) Enter your message.
2) Pick your dates.
3) Click save.
You’re done! :)

And while we have your attention…
Have you added a support tab to your site yet?

We are launching new features that make it even easier to provide support to more patrons while saving you time. If you aren’t ready to launch chat yet, you can still install the support tab. In your microboard, look for the Widget/Tabs/Chat Admin module (above Microboard Administration) and you’ll have directions on how to add a support tab or embeddable widget to your website. As always, if you need any help in setting things up, please let us know by emailing support[[at]]textalibrarian[[dot]]com!


Happy Holidays from the Mosio Team!