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Virtual reference from your Facebook page via the Facebook mobile and iPad apps with Mosio for Libraries

How to set up your library’s Facebook Page to launch your Mosio for Libraries widget inside of Facebook Mobile and iPad Apps.

^Yes, it’s a mouthful, but bear with us, this is pretty cool.

Mosio recently launched a Facebook App enabling you to add your chat/email/text messaging widget to your Facebook Pages. The app is getting a lot of excitement from our customers and naturally we got a request from a library asking us about making it work in Facebook mobile (the app or mobile web). Creating a Facebook App doesn’t automatically mean it will be an app in Facebook Mobile. Well we found a way to make it work and we’re going to show you how, right now. In fact, to do this you’re not even using the Mosio Facebook App, you’ll see the how/why in a second.

What you’ll need:
1) Mosio for Libraries
2) Bitly or another url shortening service
3) A Facebook Page

Step 1: Launch your Mosio widget from the tab or button on your website’s page and copy the url inside the widget.


Step 2: Paste the url into the Paste a Link Here field (look for the puffer fish if you’re using Bitly)
After you do this, you can create a custom url name after “askaquestion” was taken, so we used hyphens for the same effect.


Step 3: Find a place (or places) in your Facebook Page to paste the link
We pasted ours in the Description/About sections, but you can also upload a photo and paste the url in the description of a photo. The screen shots below show it on iPhone, iPad and also the photo we uploaded of an Ask a Question button.

mosio_facebook_mobile2 mosio_facebook_ipad1 mosio_facebook_askaq_button_facebookapp


Step 4: That’s it! When someone clicks on the link it will open inside the Facebook Mobile or iPad App.
If a patron is accessing your library’s Facebook Page from the web via a smartphone or tablet it will open up in a new browser window.

mosio_facebook_mobile3 mosio_facebook_ipad2

If you’re a Mosio customer and you need any assistance, you can use our support widgets to get you the help you need. If you’re a library looking to support patrons from all channels (Online Chat, Text Messaging, Email and Facebook) through a simple, web-based dashboard, please consider Mosio for Libraries. We have plans for all sized libraries.

Have a wonderful day!

The Mosio Team

Mosio for Libraries
Patron Support Simplified

42 Library-Related Memes [PHOTOS]

Here memes, there memes, everywhere meme-memes! Who doesn’t love them? We’ve compiled a list of 42 library related memes for your LOLing pleasure with identification of each (where possible) as to which is which. Enjoy!

1. Bad Luck Brian

Doesn’t take out any books, library alarm still goes off.


2. Philosoraptor

How do I cite sources for my research paper? Use the library writing and citations resources.


3. Y U NO

Patron calling library, Y U no use library website.


4. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply return from the library without a book.


5. Condescending Wonka

A George W. Bush library? Do tell me more!


6. Matrix (What if I Told You)

What if I told you that wearing high heels in the library is a bad idea.


7. World’s Most Interesting Cat

I don’t always chew up your books. But when I do, they’re from the library.


8. Thousand Yard Stare

Caught eating in the library, thousand yard stare.


9. LOL Cats

I’m in your library, check me out!


10. Grumpy Cat

Your library wants a cat? Pick me.


11. Hey Girl…

Good thing I brought my library card because I’m checking you out.


12. Foul Bachelor Frog

In the library to work on chinese imperialism assignment, look up memes instead.



13. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply cite 50 references in 10 mins.


14. Socially Awkward Penguin

Goes to the reference desk, pretends to use the stapler instead of getting research help.


15. Hey Girl…

I know finding sources for your papers can be tough. That’s why I asked the library to provide personalized research assistance.  Just for you.


16. World’s Most Interesting Man

I don’t always use the library but when I do I get great results.


17.  Keep Calm and…

Keep calm and ask a librarian.


18. Skateboarding Professor

First to the library then to class at 8:02.


19. Good Guy Greg

You have fines over 10 pounds, lets you borrow his library card.


20. Ermahgerd

Havin fern ain’t herd wern u hav a lerbery curd.


21. Monorail Kitteh

Now stops @ library.


22. Scumbag Steve

Takes library elevator, gets off at second floor.


23. Nyan Cat

Library card


24. Unknown

Was file sharing before it was cool.


25. Philosoraptor

I can book a room in a room of  books?


26. Futurama Fry (Not Sure If…)

Not surf if “it’s in the library”, works as justification of source.


27. Lazy College Student

I go to the library to read all the new facebook statuses.


28. South Park (You’re gonna have a bad time)

If you talk in the library, you’re gonna have a bad time.


29. First World Problems

Need to pee when in library, don’t want to lose my computer.


30. Unknown

Studying in the library during exam week …Rookie mistake.


31. Conspiracy Keanu

Talked in library line, Q tip are my soul.


32. Some E Cards

You gotta fight. For your right. To library.


33. Success Kid

Walking around library during finals week, found a study room.


34. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Prepare yourselves, due dates are coming.


35. Annoying Facebook Girl

Goes to the library, opens chat.


36. Paranoid Parrot

Plug headphones in at library. Everyone can still hear my music.


37. Insanity Wolf

No eating or drinking allowed in the library? Eat and drink in the library.


38. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Brace yourselves, the tax questions are coming.


39. Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich

You don’t understand the filling system. Sorry, I wasn’t aware the alphabet could be confusing.


40. Upvoting Obama

Book not in library? Library will buy for you.


41. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

A librarian does not simply shut kids up with shhh.


42. Success Kid

Went to library, found book I wanted.


Content copyright original owners. Compiled by Mosio for Libraries – Patron Support Software



Moose Jaw Public Library’s Text a Librarian Service – Great Video Coverage (Canada)

This video popped up in our alerts and we thought it was so great we had to pass it along.

Great job Moose Jaw Public Library in getting up and running and EXCELLENT work getting some news coverage!



Updated Marketing Materials for Mosio for Libraries Clients

We’ve updated some of the patron marketing materials for Mosio clients using Text a Librarian to accommodate virtual numbers.


Text a Librarian Posters:



Text a Librarian Table Tents:




marketing_phone_purple marketing_phone_blue marketing_phone_green marketing_phone_orange marketing_phone_pink marketing_phone_red marketing_phone_yellow

Can personalized library customer service survive in our increasingly digital and mobile world?

Mosio Picture

The image of the library in the modern world is changing as rapidly as technology. Gone are the silent, cavernous collections guarded by scowling librarians. Libraries of today are as much about computers and information technology as they are about books. But, one of the things that has always made the library experience so special is the personal touch that customer service provides. The human aspect of libraries is something that can never be replaced by technology, and indeed, today it is more important than ever due to the massive amount of information that is available to patrons.

In the libraries of yesterday, patrons may have sought help in using the card catalogue or locating a book on the shelves. The customer service aspect of those times was much narrower in scope. A patron today may need assistance with a variety of media; books, software, internet databases, and more. Even though so much can be accessed in a solitary fashion, i.e. the patron perusing materials independently, the library experience can be made so much better with strong, personalized customer service. And, thanks to ever-evolving options, the way that customer service can be provided is as diverse as technology itself.

Customer service no longer has to be limited to the actual brick-and-mortar library. Texting, which is vastly popular in society as a whole, is a wonderful tool for librarians to use when helping patrons. A patron can literally be anywhere and still be able to get personalized help and important answers. As much information as there is in the world, there is still no substitute for having an actual knowledgeable person to help a patron with a question. Personalized customer service is as vital today as ever—perhaps even more so! It is a very reachable goal for all libraries to foster strong interaction with their patrons through ever more diverse means. Pursuing this ideal will ensure that libraries remain the most vital source of information that they can be.

About the author: Lizabeth C.S. Bell has worked as a librarian, and has a great appreciation for the power of information. She has degrees in English literature and library science. Currently, Lizabeth is a freelance editor and writer. Follow her on Twitter @LizBell9.

4 Fresh Themes to Market Text Message Reference | Patron Support Tips

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4 Fresh Themes to Market Text Message Reference

Lisa Carlucci Thomas

There’s been a noticeable trend shift in the past year: mobile is coming of age. More and more people are upgrading feature phones to smartphones, apps and mobile web sites are increasingly available and sophisticated; and emerging research about mobile behavior provides deeper insight into the how, when, and why of mobile interaction.

In libraries, text message reference consistently provides real-time, expert support at the point of need. As the mobile community continues to grow and mature, it’s essential to reach out to customers and be sure they know how, when, and why to use your library’s text message reference service.

In the recent Pew Internet study, Just-in-time Information through Mobile Connections , “70% of all cell phone owners and 86% of smartphone owners” sought “just in time” information via mobile communications over a 30 day period.  Among the objectives cited:

  • To solve an unexpected problem
  • Find information to help settle an argument
  • Obtain real-time traffic or public transit information
  • Get help (in an emergency situation)

Reference librarians receive these types of inquiries daily; why not more by text message? With the back to school rush right around the corner, now’s the time to revitalize your text message marketing to focus on the just in time behavior of mobile customers in 2012.

Need inspiration? Take a look at these retro library posters, then design your own based on the Pew findings. Tweet your designs to @textalibrarian & @lisacarlucci to be featured!

4 Fresh Themes to Market Text Message Reference:
SOLVE A PROBLEM | Text A Librarian
GET HELP | Text A Librarian
Lisa Carlucci Thomas is the Director and Founder of Design Think Do, providing innovation and technology consulting to libraries, publishers, and information partners. Follow Lisa on Twitter @lisacarlucci

RETRO POSTER - In the Library

How to Text a Librarian [VIDEO COMPILATION]


We found a batch of “how to” videos about Text a Librarian and wanted to share them in a single place where you can watch them. As we’ve recently mentioned, getting patrons to register their phones is the best way we’re seeing a serious increase in usage from libraries. If you’re looking for some inspiration on creating a video to promote and announce your service, here’s a few to help you with your process.

Remember that the single best way to get patrons to text in is to simply tell them:
“Text YOURLIBRARYKEYWORD to 66746 for instructions.”

Make sure you update YOURLIBRARYKEYWORD for your own. ;)









That’s all we have for now. Looking to implement text messaging services at your library? Consider Mosio’s Text a Librarian, currently used in over 800 libraries across the US and Canada.


Message & Data Rates May Apply.
Text STOP to 66746 to opt-out.
Text HELP to 66746 for help.


160 characters is a lot more info than you’d think (Mosio lets you send 320 or more, just in case)

We get asked how much information can be shared via text message. Not surprisingly, many people don’t think it is much, even considering the average mobile user manages to share a lot of info with friends, family and co-workers texting from their mobile phones.

In 1984 when SMS (Text Messaging) was invented, Friedhelm Hillebrand decided on 160 characters because it was the average amount of characters that fit on a typical postcard in those he counted. The postcard above (written by Rush drummer Neil Peart in 1984, the very same year SMS was invented) is 254 characters including sign off and his name. If you haven’t seen one of Neil’s drum solos, they are truly amazing, but also a tad longer than your average rock drum solo and worth every second (scroll to the 6 minute mark in the video below if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing).

98.15 Characters (61.4%)

That is the average number of characters in an outbound response from our clients to their patrons, students and customers. The important thing to remember is that ultimately, users understand the medium they’re using. Text messaging is conversational and short, but plenty of information can be shared in a single text message.

So what does 160 characters look like?

Here’s my personal favorite quote (from Charles Kingsley), I try to live by it every day. 159 characters including the quotation marks:
“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

For Text a Librarian customers who are less like Charles Kingsley and more like Neil Peart, we enabled you to send longer responses, automatically breaking them over several text messages when needed.

New Text a Librarian Feature – Automatic Generator

Text a Librarian’s Linke Auto-Generator: More Links With Less Characters

We have a handful of new features coming up over the next month, but wanted to quickly let you know about our generator, suggested by our customers as a “great to have” feature. is a handy URL shortening technology that makes it easier to crunch long urls into less characters. Now with Text a Librarian, you can paste a long URL, check the box and it will shorten it for you.

After librarians send the message, if they mouse over the bitly link, it’ll show them what the real URL looks like, see below for an illustration.

More features and exciting updates coming soon!


The Text a Librarian Team

“Text a Librarian? I didn’t know you could do that.”

We always wear our Text a Librarian T-Shirts (especially because we just got them in new colors). To work, on the weekends, whenever. Other than my “You Don’t Like Clowns?” tee from Headline Shirts, my Text a Librarian shirt starts the most conversations of any I wear. People always smile, some understand it immediately, some ask what it is and how it works, but the number one thing we hear is “I didn’t know you could do that!” Then, when we explain the context of it, being able to ask reference questions, see if a book is available and put it on hold, get notices about events happening in the library, the next thing always said is “what a great idea” followed by asking us which libraries offer the service.

Whether you use our service or someone else’s, we encourage you to keep letting everyone know you can Text a Librarian. More people will be pleased to know! :)