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Mosio Empowers Embedded Librarianship with New Widget for Facebook, Websites, Databases, Discovery Layers, LMS and More


Librarians can now extend their reach beyond the library walls with Mosio’s new OmniWidget™. A complimentary feature of Mosio’s all-in-one library support tool, librarians can use the new widget to embed library help in Facebook, e-resources from any provider, discovery services, learning management systems, library and departmental websites and other heavily trafficked areas, connecting with patrons via text, chat and email at their point of need.

“Mosio helps librarians increase their discoverability, accessibility and availability,” said Noel Chandler, Mosio co-founder and CEO. “Patrons have millions of choices when it comes to finding information online, and that information may or may not be authoritative. By helping librarians embed themselves in multiple online locations, we ensure that patrons have real-time access to the support they need to make better information decisions and achieve greater outcomes.”

Mosio’s beta customers have already embedded the customizable OmniWidget in more than 10,000 places including the ProQuest, OverDrive, EBSCO, OCLC and Exlibris platforms. A number of libraries have indicated more patrons reach out to them via the widget than their current Contact Us pages.

“Since customizing Mosio’s widget with our library branding and integrating it with our website and databases, we have seen more patron engagement and higher usage of our electronic resources,” said Linda Jones, Education Librarian, Dixie State University. “Working with Mosio means we can provide a higher level of service while collecting the data we need to prove ROI to key stakeholders.”

Request a free trial.
Librarians may sign up for a free trial of Mosio’s new widget and support solution by visitinghttp://www.mosio.com/mfltrial.

About Mosio for Libraries
Mosio makes it easy for librarians to connect with patrons anytime, anywhere via chat, text and email on any device through a central cloud-based dashboard. More than 2,000 academic, public, and special libraries rely on Mosio to provide next generation virtual reference, embedded librarianship, and support from within any learning management system, eresources platform, discovery layer, website and Facebook. For more information visithttp://www.mosio.com/libraries

4 Ways Text Messaging Can Improve Your Patron Communications


A recent Pew study revealed that 80 percent of American cell phone owners use text messaging as a means of communication, sending or receiving an average of 41.5 text messages per day. For the 18-24 age group, 97 percent of cell phone owners text, sending or receiving an average of 109.5 texts per day.

One look at these numbers and you know instantly how to reach a majority of your current library patrons and an even greater majority of tomorrow’s library patrons: via text.

Text messaging is a fast and efficient means of communicating with your library patrons and there are many ways in which you can use text messaging to improve your patron communications. Here are just a few types of messages you can communicate to your patrons via text:

1. Circulation Notices Such as Holds and Overdues.

Emails today convey much less of a sense of urgency than they did a few years ago, especially to younger library patrons. To catch your users’ attention with important circulation notices, try sending them via text instead of email. This way, they can act on the notices immediately.

2. Promotional Polls and Contests

A great way to keep your patrons engaged is to link promotions to programming and other library events. Your library can have contests where you send out polls or questions via text for prizes such as first row seats to an upcoming speaker (ie. “The first three patrons to text us the author of Tender Is the Night win front row seats to our October Author Speaker Series Event”). You can also hold a text vote to choose between two programming possibilities for an upcoming date.

3. URLs to Newsletters or Other Library Publications

Does your library publish a monthly newsletter? A terrific way to get the newsletter into the hands of your patrons so they may have immediate access is to send them a short text with the URL right when it is published. Your patrons can be reading the newsletter that your staff worked so hard on literally within seconds of publication.

4. Programming Reminders

In today’s fast-paced and information-packed world, we need to be reminded of things. A great way to promote your library programs is to send your patrons text reminders of upcoming events, along with URLs linking to further information if available. This way, they can check their schedules on the go and even add the events directly from your text to their calendars.

Try these text messaging tips to improve communications at your library. We think your patrons will appreciate it.

42 Library-Related Memes [PHOTOS]

Here memes, there memes, everywhere meme-memes! Who doesn’t love them? We’ve compiled a list of 42 library related memes for your LOLing pleasure with identification of each (where possible) as to which is which. Enjoy!

1. Bad Luck Brian

Doesn’t take out any books, library alarm still goes off.


2. Philosoraptor

How do I cite sources for my research paper? Use the library writing and citations resources.


3. Y U NO

Patron calling library, Y U no use library website.


4. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply return from the library without a book.


5. Condescending Wonka

A George W. Bush library? Do tell me more!


6. Matrix (What if I Told You)

What if I told you that wearing high heels in the library is a bad idea.


7. World’s Most Interesting Cat

I don’t always chew up your books. But when I do, they’re from the library.


8. Thousand Yard Stare

Caught eating in the library, thousand yard stare.


9. LOL Cats

I’m in your library, check me out!


10. Grumpy Cat

Your library wants a cat? Pick me.


11. Hey Girl…

Good thing I brought my library card because I’m checking you out.


12. Foul Bachelor Frog

In the library to work on chinese imperialism assignment, look up memes instead.



13. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

One does not simply cite 50 references in 10 mins.


14. Socially Awkward Penguin

Goes to the reference desk, pretends to use the stapler instead of getting research help.


15. Hey Girl…

I know finding sources for your papers can be tough. That’s why I asked the library to provide personalized research assistance.  Just for you.


16. World’s Most Interesting Man

I don’t always use the library but when I do I get great results.


17.  Keep Calm and…

Keep calm and ask a librarian.


18. Skateboarding Professor

First to the library then to class at 8:02.


19. Good Guy Greg

You have fines over 10 pounds, lets you borrow his library card.


20. Ermahgerd

Havin fern ain’t herd wern u hav a lerbery curd.


21. Monorail Kitteh

Now stops @ library.


22. Scumbag Steve

Takes library elevator, gets off at second floor.


23. Nyan Cat

Library card


24. Unknown

Was file sharing before it was cool.


25. Philosoraptor

I can book a room in a room of  books?


26. Futurama Fry (Not Sure If…)

Not surf if “it’s in the library”, works as justification of source.


27. Lazy College Student

I go to the library to read all the new facebook statuses.


28. South Park (You’re gonna have a bad time)

If you talk in the library, you’re gonna have a bad time.


29. First World Problems

Need to pee when in library, don’t want to lose my computer.


30. Unknown

Studying in the library during exam week …Rookie mistake.


31. Conspiracy Keanu

Talked in library line, Q tip are my soul.


32. Some E Cards

You gotta fight. For your right. To library.


33. Success Kid

Walking around library during finals week, found a study room.


34. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Prepare yourselves, due dates are coming.


35. Annoying Facebook Girl

Goes to the library, opens chat.


36. Paranoid Parrot

Plug headphones in at library. Everyone can still hear my music.


37. Insanity Wolf

No eating or drinking allowed in the library? Eat and drink in the library.


38. Game of Thrones (Winter is Coming)

Brace yourselves, the tax questions are coming.


39. Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich

You don’t understand the filling system. Sorry, I wasn’t aware the alphabet could be confusing.


40. Upvoting Obama

Book not in library? Library will buy for you.


41. Lord of the Rings (One Does Not Simply)

A librarian does not simply shut kids up with shhh.


42. Success Kid

Went to library, found book I wanted.


Content copyright original owners. Compiled by Mosio for Libraries – Patron Support Software



Mosio for Libraries Intro Video: Multi-Channel Ask a Librarian Software | Chat + Email + Text Messaging + Widgets

The Mosio for Libraries “trailer” video is live! A 1 minute, 45 second explanation of why more librarians are choosing Mosio for their virtual reference and Ask a Librarian software needs.

Mosio enables libraries to receive and respond efficiently to questions from patrons via web chat, email, text messaging and support widgets for your website, blog and electronic resources. We’ll stop typing now and you can just watch the video. :)



Mosio for Libraries – Ask a Librarian Software | Condensed Webinar

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for more webinars on different days/times, so we went ahead and made a condensed webinar showcasing all of the features and functionality of Mosio for Libraries. Spend 15 minutes and see how Mosio saves librarians hours every month by combining patron communications normally splintered across channels into a single, web-based dashboard.

We have plugins and apps for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and Facebook and adding patron support to your popular online databases and electronic resources is a breeze. We’ll stop here and let the video show and tell…




Library Guide: Setting up Holiday Auto Responders with Mosio for Libraries

Setting up Holiday Auto Responders

Happy Holidays!

Here’s a quick tutorial on setting up holiday auto responders using Mosio.
You’ve spent time creating great auto responders and with the holidays approaching you want to let patrons know your hours have changed, but don’t want to undo what you’ve already created. No problem! Set up holiday auto responders!


Click on Auto Responder (in the Microboard Administration module, see the above image for help). Then click on New Holiday Auto Responder and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

1) Enter your message.
2) Pick your dates.
3) Click save.
You’re done! :)

And while we have your attention…
Have you added a support tab to your site yet?

We are launching new features that make it even easier to provide support to more patrons while saving you time. If you aren’t ready to launch chat yet, you can still install the support tab. In your microboard, look for the Widget/Tabs/Chat Admin module (above Microboard Administration) and you’ll have directions on how to add a support tab or embeddable widget to your website. As always, if you need any help in setting things up, please let us know by emailing support[[at]]textalibrarian[[dot]]com!


Happy Holidays from the Mosio Team!