160 characters is a lot more info than you’d think (Mosio lets you send 320 or more, just in case)

We get asked how much information can be shared via text message. Not surprisingly, many people don’t think it is much, even considering the average mobile user manages to share a lot of info with friends, family and co-workers texting from their mobile phones. In 1984 when SMS (Text Messaging) was invented, Friedhelm Hillebrand decided […]

Library Thought Leaders Q&A: Lisa Carlucci Thomas

Today’s Library Thought Leader is Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Director of design think do. We have been exploring the idea of “Patron Relationship Management” (PRM) and it is the theme of this Q&A series. What areas of PRM are you seeing where libraries can benefit the most? What roles can mobile technologies play? Libraries employ a […]

The ubiquity imperative and the economics of attention – The competition for patron engagement

“How many people with short attention spans does it take to screw in a light bulb-wanna go on a bike ride?” An article from Ryan Lawler on GigaOm the other day, the ubiquity imperative and the economics of attention shines a bright light on the importance of ubiquity among content companies clamoring for the attention […]

How Text Messaging Is Changing The World [Infographic]

Text messaging is awesome. So are infographics. An infographic about the power of text messaging? Super sweet. This infographic from MBA Online showcases some powerful stats about text messaging as a communication medium. A few of our favorites: * Texting is the #1 most data service in the world. * 193,430 text messages are sent […]

New Text a Librarian Feature – Automatic Bit.ly Generator

Text a Librarian’s Bit.ly Linke Auto-Generator: More Links With Less Characters We have a handful of new features coming up over the next month, but wanted to quickly let you know about our Bit.ly generator, suggested by our customers as a “great to have” feature. Bit.ly is a handy URL shortening technology that makes it […]

“Text a Librarian? I didn’t know you could do that.”

We always wear our Text a Librarian T-Shirts (especially because we just got them in new colors). To work, on the weekends, whenever. Other than my “You Don’t Like Clowns?” tee from Headline Shirts, my Text a Librarian shirt starts the most conversations of any I wear. People always smile, some understand it immediately, some […]

Want a Successful Text a Librarian Launch? Skip the Training, Go Straight to Marketing

We talk a lot about library marketing at Mosio. Being that marketing is one of the most important needs in the success and continuation of a business, we believe it’s the same for libraries. From what we’ve seen in the industry over the past few years, those libraries who are great at marketing are doing […]

ALA Annual – Thank You New Orleans!

We are finally back into the swing of things after an incredible conference. We’ve been going to annual and midwinter for the past two years, but took a break from exhibiting to focus on meeting personally with clients and partners, deciding to ship the booth and try a new approach. It was so nice meeting […]

Experiential Marketing Ideas for Libraries (Guest Post by Andrew Loos from Attack! Marketing)

We saw quite a bit of buzz (positive and negative) about Seth Godin’s blog post The Future of Libraries, some saying he gets it and others saying he misses the point, again (we’re big Bobbi Newman fans here). An interesting post about the post by PC Sweeney mentions library branding and marketing, so we quickly […]

Should your library implement a Foursquare strategy? Only 17% of mobile users check in.

We’re all susceptible to hype, especially those of us in the mobile technologies industry. Hype is fun, it’s great getting excited about things. There has been a huge buzz building in the library space over the past year or so regarding Foursquare, Facebook Places and other location based services (LBS). When David Lee King (a […]