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Bring Home Gold…Visit the Library!

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(sent Friday, July 27)
We realize the Olympic opening ceremonies are about to begin, so we’ll make it snappy.This is our first official edition of the Text a Librarian Customer Newsletter where we’ll announce new features, updates, news, etc. Please feel free to forward it on to your associates or they can subscribe themselves.
Updates This Week:
* Chat is live! Our Developers met the “Meebo Meltdown” deadline of July 11th and we went live that night. Everyone who has recognized and thanked the Development team for pulling it off, thank you! We’ve always passed on the great thoughts and kindness (along with ideas for improvement), it is much appreciated. Since launch, people have been installing the widget/tab on their websites, LibGuides (how to here), content management systems, blogs and SirsiDynix Portfolio, very exciting!
* Haven’t gone live with chat? No problem! Here’s the Set Up Guide to get you up and running. If you need help with set up, you can always email us at support((at))textalibrarian.com
* Bug Fixes – Thanks to everyone who has helped report bugs, take screen shots, share browser information so the team can get things fixed as quickly as possible. Bugs happen and the “crowdsourcing” of identifying them moves things along quicker.
* Suggestions and Ideas – As you know, we created and have built Text a Librarian with ongoing input from thousands of Librarians. Your suggestions and ideas are and will always be welcome, so please let us know!
* Reporting – Reporting is going live tonight, you’ll be able to run reports of your chat transcripts like you do for “text chat” conversations and soon you’ll be able to run reports that show transcripts of all communication channels: Text Messaging, Chat and Email.


Next Week:
* Sound Notifications – You’ll get the “whale” sound when a new chat comes in along with a “dink” sound during a chat when it is “your turn” to respond.
* Embeddable Widget – A lot of people have been asking for this. It’s on the way! In fact, it’s in development, but they need more time to push it live.


In the Very Near Future:
* Email and Text Me from the Widget/Tab – The complete patron support package in one widget/tab.

* Pro-Active Chat Option – Don’t let patrons leave your website! Once implemented, you’ll be able to have a chat window pop up after a patron has been on your website for a short time. If you’ve been to our site during regular business hours, you’ve seen it. We heard from one of our libraries who has used it before that they absolutely LOVED IT, it is the store equivalent of a greeter saying “hello, is there anything I can help you with?” when you walk in. You don’t have to turn it on, but we’re hearing some excitement about it.

* Customized Look and Feel – Also a popular request, you will be able to adjust colors, text, placement of your widget tabs! Due to the way things are being developed, this feature has to be after the Email and Text Me functionalities are in place, but we promise, we have every intention of giving you control over the design of your widget so it flows with your website. Thank you for your patience on this.

* Jay’s Surprise (A Special Feature from our CTO) – Sorry, we can’t tell you, mostly because we don’t know what it is.


Our Promise to Libraries and Librarians
A month ago we wrote a blog post that listed Mosio’s 3 Promises to Libraries (and Librarians). We have reposted it here if you’d like to read it. As part of that promise, we will continue making more features and improving Mosio’s Text a Librarian while keeping our plans and prices the same. The new Chat and Email features we have been working on are added to your existing plans at no additional cost and as a company, we do not strategize on new products, modules, add-ons or features to create and sell to libraries. Building on that promise, we want to let you know that we have additional ideas on how to give libraries the efficiency and communication tools they need to support more patrons, wherever they are.

Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We look forward to serving you for a long time and appreciate your patronage, feedback, thoughts and ideas on how to make the service better for libraries, librarians and patrons.


The Text a Librarian Team
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