Mosio’s Text a Librarian – Visit Booth #901 at ALA Annual – The Future of Patron Support Software

Until we figure out a way to offer kitten adoption at ALA conferences (we’ve definitely looked into it), we’re going to be at ALA Annual this year giving away our ever-popular Love Libraries QR Code Button, so come by and get one!

New Features = Connecting With More Patrons

SMS ALERTS: Text Message Alerts and Announcements
The Mosio development team has been busy building out an amazing set of new software features and getting our existing customers up and running with text message alerts and announcements feature, enabling them to build and grow mobile subscriber lists. With over 90% open/read rates, for several years now text messaging as proven itself a better communication tool than email, making it the perfect medium for libraries to keep in regular touch with patrons.

The SMS Alerts feature is included, free of charge, on all Text a Librarian plans. Text a Librarian is built on Mosio’s award-winning two-way text messaging platform, so patrons can reply to the messages they receive and their replies will show up on the microboard where a text chat conversation can take place.

More Things We’ll Be Talking About

Registering Your Patrons!
We’ve come across a Eureka moment with our libraries who are having big usage of their Text a Librarian service. It prompted a conversation that we recorded and made into a video to help libraries. We used to speak about promoting your service and we’re still confident that is a useful part of launching any library service, but there’s a new way of getting more usage coming to light: get your patrons to register their phones. Here’s the blog post we did about it that has the video, recording and typed content.

Patron Support
We’re announcing some wonderful new features that make libraries more efficient in collaborating, receiving and responding to patron questions or needs. We’ll be showcasing those features at ALA and look forward to showing you how Mosio’s Text a Librarian has been responding to the suggestions by our customers to create an all-in-one technology that enables librarians to help more patrons in less time.

See you in Anaheim!

The Mosio Team

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