Curiosity takes off and lands…at the library!

Curiosity takes off and lands…at the library!

Lost Race of Mars by Robert Silverberg

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We landed on Mars again. High five! Ok, moving on…

Updates This Week:
* Sound Notifications – You now get the “whale” sound when a new chat comes in along with a “dink” sound during a chat when it is “your turn” to respond. To turn sound on, click on Settings > Notifications, then scroll down to the bottom and click the Yes dot under “Play a Sound.” Done!
* Embeddable Widget – This is going live tonight, instructions on how to implement it are in the Chat Help section of your microboard (upper right). Please note: You place the code for the embeddable widget where you want it on the page, so it’s different than the tab. When we enable customization of the widget/tab in the next couple of weeks, we’ll do the same for the embeddable widget. Thanks for your patience!
* No Agent On Duty / Text Me  –  Also going live tonight, when no one is logged in to chat, our widget will slide out and ask the patron to type their question and their phone number so they can be responded to via text message. This is the next step in the full support widget. Here’s what it looks like:
Coming Up Next:

* More of the slide out widget you see above with Email and Text Me inputs – The complete patron support package in one widget/tab.

* Pro-Active Chat Option – Don’t let patrons leave your website! Once implemented, you’ll be able to have a chat window pop up after a patron has been on your website for a short time. If you’ve been to our site during regular business hours, you’ve seen it. We heard from one of our libraries who has used it before that they absolutely LOVED IT, it is the store equivalent of a greeter saying “hello, is there anything I can help you with?” when you walk in. You don’t have to turn it on, but we’re hearing some excitement about it.

* Customized Look and Feel – Also a popular request, you will be able to adjust colors, text, placement of your widget tabs! Due to the way things are being developed, this feature has to be after the Email and Text Me functionalities are in place, but we promise, we have every intention of giving you control over the design of your widget so it flows with your website. Thank you for your patience on this.

* Jay’s Surprise (A Special Feature from our CTO) – Sorry, we can’t tell you, even though he pretty much told us what it is. 🙂

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Have a wonderful day,

The Text a Librarian Team
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