More Information About QR Codes – Are You Getting the Message?


The hype surrounding QR codes is T–H–I–C–K! In libraries and even more so in marketing and advertising. It makes sense that everyone is excited about them. QR codes fairly easy to create, time making them is the only cost and even though one cannot track how many times they’ve been scanned (a big bummer in my opinion), there has to be some success with them or the excitement wouldn’t be there.

People with smart phones are pulling them out and scanning them when they see them, right? Do you have a QR code scanner on your phone? Did you scan my code above when you saw it? So are they worth it? I’m still not sure. Some would say “it’s better to have them so people have the option” and others would disagree.

Here’s what I definitely know: on my iPhone (3GS), I have 3 QR code Scanner apps. After being frustrated with two others because they wouldn’t read the scan properly, our CTO told me to get Optiscan because you start scanning and it just stops when it gets a scan rather than making you take a photo that might not be a good read. I’ve scanned less than 1 dozen QR codes total.

Here’s a presentation from this year’s SXSW about QR Codes and how they are everywhere. Below that I’ve embedded a cool Pet Shop Boys Remix video using them. Enjoy!

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