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If you are doing any or all of the following to support patrons...

1) Using different types of software (free or paid) across channels (email in one place, chat in another, etc).
2) Responding to patron text messages through an instant messenger/chat system (Google Talk, AIM, Pidgin).
3) Stitching together transcripts, questions, answers, chats and tallying emails for your stats and reporting. are overspending time, resources and money unnecessarily.

The calculator below shows the time you save by using Mosio to have all channels funnel to the same dashboard, enabling you to respond efficiently and gather reporting from a single place. Whether or not you decide to use Mosio, we sincerely wish you the best with whatever solutions you have in place to support patrons. Your patrons deserve great support and you deserve great tools to support them efficiently.

Return on Investment Calculator

How many librarians do you simultaneously have responding to patron questions (virtual reference, general info, tech support, etc)

One Librarian Doing Support
Average Hourly Rate
How many hours per week, on average, do each of them work responding to patron emails, web chats, recording, reporting, etc?
$ Saved/Month Using Mosio
$ Saved/Month After Mosio Costs

Return On Investment
Monthly ROI (after Mosio costs)
Annual ROI (after Mosio costs)
Full-Time Librarian Weeks Earned/Year

Mosio for Libraries: All Channels, One Dashboard

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