All Channels, All Places, One Dashboard

"Adds a layer of relevance and connectedness..." -Mercy Pilkington, Good E-Reader

"Changes the dynamic for the Mosio service." -David Rapp, Library Journal, The Digital Shift

"Offers options for mobile librarianship." -Information Today

The fastest way to communicate with patrons, guaranteed.

Support Tabs for Your Website

Offer Efficient, Point-of-Need Assistance

Reduce "information friction" and increase engagement by enabling patrons to ask questions from anywhere on your website, blog or online resources.

Patrons choose their preferred communication channel, you respond from the same simple dashboard. Efficient flexibility at your service.

Support Tabs Gallery

Use One of Our Tabs or Upload Your Own

Choose from over 70 different colors and phrases or create and upload one to the look and feel of your website.

Customiz Your Widget

Customize Your OmniWidget

Add images, text and links to the header of your OmniWidget using simple commands. No knowledge of HTML or CSS required, our cheat sheet makes it easy.

Library support tab widgets for every type of web page with Mosio

Mosio Plays Well With Others

Be available to patrons at their point of digital need. Add your MFL tab/widget to our Patron Support Platform™ certified online databases and discovery tools with ease.

Our plugins for Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal make implementation in your websites easy.

Web-Based Live Chat Support

Web-Based Live Chat

Real-time assistance. Offer insight and direct website visitors in the right direction through embedded chat, accessible via every page of your library's website.

If you're not able to log into chat, no worries. The widget encourages patrons to ask their question using a different channel.

Avoid "Chat With Us!" ==> "Chat Offline" communication roadblocks by giving patrons channel options.

Customize Chat

Personalize Chat

Add a personal touch to chat sessions with the option to show your profile image, username, short bio and a url.

Each account login has controls to turn this feature on or off. Show a photo, image or quote that makes you happy.

Text Messaging!

Text a Librarian (Where it all started)

Be accessible everywhere. Give your patrons access to your library when they're out in the world. Patrons text questions from their mobile phones, librarians type answers via a secure website.

The difference now is that patrons can ask you questions via text message from their phone, or ask a question via the widget and get a text message response.

Virtual Reference via Facebook

Virtual Reference from your Facebook Page

Mosio has an official app in the Facebook App Center, enabling you to let patrons ask questions from your Facebook page.

Installation takes about 5 clicks with no web coding or knowledge of FBML (Facebook Markup Language) required.

Text Messaging!

Smartphones, Tablets. Small Screens, All Screens.

Patrons can bookmark your Mosio for Libraries widget on their smartphones and tablets and take you anywhere.

Link to your widget from your mobile website (or within Boopsie) and it will resize to their screen.


Initiate a Text Message to a Patron

"Can you text me when it's ready?" Yes you can! Increase mobile engagement and initiate TextChat conversations with patrons using Mosio's QuickSend feature.

Patrons can reply to your outbound message and it will post to your microboard. If you have their name, you can enter it and whenever they text in you'll see their name*.

*No name will show if your privacy settings are set to "Anonymous".


Email Response Management

Manage your reference or contact page emails with Mosio's Text a Librarian. You can coordinate replies to ensure patrons receive consistent answers.

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Mosio for Libraries Features (So much more than Text a Librarian)

Simple, Efficient and Collaborative

Text a Librarian Big Red Answer Buttons

Set up is simple with no formal training necessary

All you need to get started is a computer with internet access. We have a great training manual, but most people don't need it to get started. Simple configuration and our intuitive user interface make set up easy. After that it's as simple as clicking on the big red answer button when a patron's question posts.

Receive and respond to patron text messages.   Receive and respond to patron messages

Mosio for Libraries is IT Friendly

Web-based, nothing to install and no IT needed (unless you want)

Mosio for Libraries is hosted "in the cloud" so you don't have to worry about the technical stuff. Updates happen automatically, so you're always using the latest version. You can keep focused at what you're good at and we'll handle the rest.

Text a Librarian Auto-Responders

Auto-Responders, Customizable by Day, Time and Holidays

"We're not here" is not the best user experience. Get creative and let patrons know when you'll get back to them. Answer questions on your time. Auto-responders speak for you.

Our auto-responders enable you to create custom messages letting patrons know their questions have been received and if the library is closed, when they can expect a response.

Custom Auto Responders   Watch a video about auto-responders

Answer Templates Save You Time

Answer templates save you time

Some questions get asked repeatedly, but they shouldn't take up time to answer. There's no need to duplicate your efforts. Using our customizable answer templates, a great response is just a click away.

Answer Templates Save You Time   Watch a video about answer templates

Collaboration is easy with Mosio's Text a Librarian

Work well together

Answering questions can be overwhelming without the right tools. Mosio for Libraries lets you send specific questions to co-workers better suited to respond when you need additional help, plus our intuitive system lets you know when another librarian has already started answering a question. Thinking about collaborating across multiple branches? No problem, we've got you covered.

Collaborate easily with Text a Librarian   Watch a video about Mosio's collaborative features

Patron Marketing Materials

Marketing templates to simplify your promotional efforts

Get access to sample copy, customizable templates and images for your website to begin promoting your patron support services immediately. Libraries using our templates with pro-active marketing begin receiving questions the same day they announce the service.

We manage the software and mobile compliance so you don't have to

Mobile carriers actively blacklist non-compliant technologies (those not using approved short codes), resulting in service delays, interruptions and/or sanctions. Our carrier-approved technology requires managing audits, changing criteria and ongoing updates. Using Mosio, libraries benefit from increased reliability, system improvements and feature enhancements without technology management.

Friendly Customer Support

Friendly Customer Support

We really are fanatical about customer support, just ask our clients. Chat, text or email us and your question will be responded to as soon as possible by a friendly, in-house support representative.

Ideas and suggestions from librarians helped build Mosio for Libraries, their ongoing feedback is what makes it better every day.

Private and Secure

Anonymous Patron ID

Patron privacy, one of our most talked about features

We know that in libraries, privacy and security are extremely important. Mosio keeps patron information private through a random patron ID. Phone numbers are never shown, but question history is stored under their ID number.

Mosio for Libraries uses the same security as online banking

Security good enough for banks

Librarians log into secure website dashboards using SSL (Secret Socket Layer) encryption, the same used in online banking.

Mosio is mobile carrier certified.

Spam and advertising-free with confirmation delivery

The most active form of text message spam in the U.S. comes from 10 digit texting numbers, making them a target for blocking. Our relationship with the mobile carriers through certified, permitted text messaging numbers guarantees confirmation of message delivery plus protection for you and your patrons against spam.

We never show advertisements to you or your patrons on our system, ensuring the reference experience is private and stays in your control.

Notifications, Reporting, Auto Responders and More

Receive incoming questions via email, chat, text message or on your microboard

Get notified via email, instant message, mobile text message or all of the above.

The real-time notification system alerts you via Email, IM, text message or the web-based microboard when a patron texts in a question.

Run Reports and Export Results

Robust, exportable reporting with a searchable archive

Generate reports based on patron queries and librarian responses. Analyze statistics by date and time of day to increase efficiencies in reference staffing. Patron sessions are archived indefinitely and searchable for future reference, collaboration and training.

800+ Term Textspeak Translator

"Text Speak" Translator

No text messaging terminology expertise required. Translate over 800 "textese" word abbreviations with a single click.

SMS Text Message Footer

Text Message SMS Footers and Email Signatures

Increase patron visits and awareness via the mobile and web channels. Promote your library services and events at the end of text messages using the SMS footer or encourage website visits through promotional email signatures.

Custom Auto-Responders by Day and Time

Auto-Responders Flexible Scheduler

Always stay connected. Schedule auto-responders by day of week and time of day to let patrons know when you will get back to them.

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