Benefits + Advantages 

The most efficient way to support and respond to patrons, guaranteed.

Over 1,000 libraries, from small academic libraries to large, multi-branch public systems, use Mosio to communicate more efficiently with their patrons in an increasingly digital world. Librarians love us for the reliability, support and work efficiencies we provide.

#1 - Next generation customer support technologies at an affordable price.

There's a reason leading companies and organizations don't have their customer service reps replying to all inquiries through free instant messaging programs (Google Talk, AIM, etc): it's an inefficient and inflexible way to manage customer communications, especially across channels. Mosio provides libraries with enterprise-grade customer support technology for all channels (Chat, Email and Text Messaging) using an easy-to-use, "accessible anywhere" dashboard.

#2 - Your workflow will be more efficient, saving you time, money and valuable resources.

Being available to your patrons in so many places doesn't need to be more work. Mosio saves you time and money by enabling librarians to do more in less time, providing patrons with get quicker responses to their questions across multiple channels. Patrons can send in questions through their mobile phones, tablets or PCs the way they're accustomed to communicating, librarians respond using time-saving tools like auto-responders and answer templates to their advantage.

#3 - Increase the usage and usefulness of your websites, blogs and electronic services.

You spend plenty of time and money building and maintaining your digital presence, but patrons have plenty of distractions and the "back" button is a simple click away. We make it easy to put your support tabs and widgets on all of your electronic collections. Mosio integrates seamlessly with the most popular CMS systems (Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla!) as well as the library industry's leading online databases and discovery tools.

With our popular Text a Librarian solution built into the core of our patron support platform, your library is accessible to patrons whether they are online or out in the world. Smart phone, simple phone, tablet or PC, Mosio makes libraries more accessible to patrons.

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Help Patrons at their Point of Need

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Efficient for one librarian working alone or many working together.

One librarian at a single reference desk or multiple librarians across several branches, Mosio for Libraries provides an efficient way to collaborate, answer questions and communicate. Librarians can log-in from any internet-connected computer, making virtual reference management as flexible as you are.

Easy to implement and simple to use for both librarians and patrons.

From initial setup to launching the service to your patrons, Mosio for Libraries makes it easy for you to take advantage of the growing use of digital technologies by patrons, whether it be chat, text messaging or good old email (it still works, very well, thank you).

Patron privacy is safe. Your data is secure.

Mosio for Libraries was developed with end-user security and patron privacy in mind, utilizing the same security protocols as online banking. Patron phone numbers are kept private and your data is backed-up daily. Our technology is mobile carrier-certified, ensuring message delivery and security.

Run reports, gather stats and analyze usage.

Quickly and easily generate numerical and graphical data reports for statistical analysis. The system also builds an online knowledge database of past questions and answers specific to your library.

Mosio does "Text a Librarian" the right way, not through text messaging hacks.

Mobile carriers actively blacklist non-compliant technologies, resulting in service delays, interruptions and/or sanctions. Workaround systems have privacy and security issues and little or no technical support. Solutions that use email to send text messages have not been carrier-approved.

Competitively-priced. Feature-rich. Always improving.

We are always making Mosio for Libraries better by listening to customer feedback and suggestions. Product and feature updates are added automatically on our end, with nothing for you to download or install. Seamless integration of new features means no service disruption during their release.

We are technology compatible, perfect for Library 2.0.

Simply put, we play well with others. The Mosio development team prides itself in being knowledgeable about all of the latest search, web 2.0 technologies and popular social networks.

We're no longer text messaging only. Our patron support software is multi-channel, including text messaging, web chat and email repsonse.

That said, if you are looking to add text messaging to your reference software, technical support or patron communications, please read the information below about text messaging.

Key Questions to Consider in Virtual Reference Software Solutions

How quickly and easily can you get the application up and running?

Does it require you to buy or lease web servers and hardware or have heavy IT Department involvement?

Is the Text a Librarian service certified by the mobile carriers? This is extremely important! Hacks = Problems.

Do you have to pay for inbound text messages? You shouldn't have to.

Does the service use screenscraping, hacks or violate another company's (Google) terms of service?

How is your patron privacy and data security managed?

Will the application automate and streamline your processes?

Is there a dedicated support team to help you and your associates when they have questions?

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