Text a Librarian's MobileMicro and Internet Librarian 2009 

Text a Librarian's feature-rich microboard mobile messaging system is a comprehensive, web-based interface that is easy to implement and use. Accessible by over 250 million U.S. mobile phones, librarians can log on and service patrons on any computer or mobile device with internet. Each microboard comes equipped with a robust suite of features designed to increase reference efficiencies and provide the highest quality SMS experience for both librarians and patrons.

Internet Librarian 2009 Mobile

All the conference information you need right on your mobile phone.

What is MobileMicro?
MobileMicro enables libraries to hava a "microsite" - a series of info pages optimized for the mobile web, accessible on any phone and mobile device with web browsing capabilities.

Is there anything to download or install?
No. Utilizing the mobile web, there is nothing to download. No app to install. It is as simple as surfing the web on your phone.

Is the service free?
Yes. Access to IL 2009 Mobile is free. Standard data charges from your carrier apply.

How do I access IL 2009 Mobile?
Text message the keyword INTLIB to 66746 or type in http://mos.io/il2009 in your mobile web browser.

When can I access it?
IL 2009 Mobile is live and ready to use. Save the text message in your phone with the microsite URL or bookmark the home page for easy access at the conference. iPhone/iTouch users can add the page to their home screen with a Webclip button.

What else?
MobileMicro is currently in development stages. If you would like to be notified when it is available, please email mobilemicro@textalibrarian.com.

Full Press Release:

Information Today Mobilizes with Mosio's MobileMicro for Internet Librarian 2009
Mosio's Text a Librarian to Power Mobile Information for Conference Attendees

San Francisco, CA - Information Today is partnering with Mosio to maximize attendee experience by offering mobile information at Internet Librarian 2009, North America's largest technology conference and exhibition for Librarians and Information Managers.

Attendees can access Internet Librarian Mobile, a mobile-optimized site containing daily programming, conference tracks and the speakers list, plus quick links to the official #IL2009 Twitter hashtag and the Internet Librarian wiki. The conference's "mobile microsite" is accessible via any web-enabled mobile device, making it available and user-friendly to as many attendees as possible. Utilizing the mobile web, there is no application to download or install.

"There's been so much discussion recently about how libraries need to go to where the users are, develop and deliver services in micro-formats, take the library mobile. We've been covering it in Computers in Libraries magazine and it's a topic on the program at Internet Librarian. Thanks to our partnership with Mosio, I'm glad to say we're going to get to give attendees in Monterey a feeling for how it can apply in a real-life setting, by taking our own thick program, micro," said Dick Kaser, Information Today's VP of Content.

Launched in January 2009 and carrier-approved on over 260 million U.S. mobile phones, Mosio's Text a Librarian enables libraries to easily implement mobile text messaging to reference and patron services. Patrons text questions to libraries from their mobile devices, and librarians respond by typing answers on a secure website. The service is now being used in nearly 100 public and academic libraries across the country. Internet Librarian Mobile was built with Mosio's MobileMicro, providing simple information pages optimized for the mobile web.

"The need for mobility is creating an interesting conundrum," said Noel Chandler, Mosio CEO and Co-Founder. "There is pressure to be relevant to the rapidly growing population of mobile information seekers, but the development and maintenance of mobile apps is too time-intensive and cost-prohibitive for many organizations. In addition, discovery of apps by users still presents a challenge. We created the MobileMicro feature to make it simple for libraries using our Text a Librarian service to have an easily-accessible mobile presence without the costs and resources required for effective mobile app development."

Internet Librarian Mobile is the first mobile microsite built with MobileMicro. To access the microsite text message the word INTLIB to 66746 from any web-enabled phone.

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