Gearing up for ALA Annual 2009 as a Library Mobile Technology Company

This sums up Mosio's excitement for ALA Annual
This pretty much sums up Mosio's excitement for ALA Annual

Trade shows and conferences can be exhausting. You’re over-stimulated, standing up, talking a lot, meeting people, smiling and doing what you can to make a great impression. A number of friends that I speak to are not all that excited about them when they have to go, but there’s no point in talking about those who don’t like going to trade shows, it’s more fun to note the positive people excited about attending. A great example is Attack! Marketing who had USA Sumo Champion Byamba on hand for photos with booth visitors.

Half of the Mosio team left this morning, the rest of us are heading out tomorrow. The buzz and excitement around the office has been incredible, I can’t wait to head to Chicago and meet up with everyone else. Why not? We have a lot of things to be excited about: showing our hard work, introducing people to Text a Librarian and meeting up with those librarians who are already using our product is worth the time away from our loved ones, pets and comfortable beds, especially over the weekend. The mobile industry is a very exciting place to be right now. So many things changing, so much new and yes, many challenges in keeping up, staying on track with the carriers and gadgets. We accept those challenges gladly, working with libraries make text messaging reference a reality for their patrons, truly helping them extend their outreach and continue showing how valuable our nation’s libraries are to those in search of information.

One of my favorite quotes, one I try to live by, is by Charles Kingsley:
“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

Heading into this conference with all we have going on, the folks at Mosio definitely have plenty to be enthusiastic about and it shows.

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